What Are The 10 Minerals Missing From Sea Moss

If you have used sea moss or read about it, you know that it contains 92 of the 102 minerals found in our bodies.

You might be curious as to which minerals are contained in the seaweed and which ones are missing. You could also be interested in the biological role of some of those minerals in our bodies.

If you are curious about these minerals, this article answers all your questions about which minerals are contained in sea moss and which are missing.


List Of 10 Other Minerals Missing In Sea Moss

missing minerals

Despite sea moss containing most of the minerals used by our body, sea moss doesn't have ten minerals.

The missing minerals from sea moss are:

  1. Thulium
  2. Tin
  3. Titanium
  4. Tungsten
  5. Uranium
  6. Vanadium
  7. xenon
  8. Ytterbium
  9. Yttrium
  10. Zirconium

There's a likelihood that you have never heard about some of these minerals. Most of these minerals are uncommon, and some, when consumed in massive amounts, are toxic and have adverse effects on human health.

Vanadium helps improve sensitivity to insulin by improving glucose metabolism and can also aid in the growth of cells.

Tin has numerous dental benefits for our bodies. It helps prevent bacteria in our teeth and helps us deal with conditions such as dental cavities, sensitive teeth, bad breath, and gingivitis. Despite its benefits, only a tiny amount of the mineral is absorbed by the body, and too much consumption of the minerals can be toxic to your body.

Ytterbium, Yttrium, Zirconium, Uranium, and Tungsten have no specified crucial biological role in the human body. Most of these minerals are toxic and can cause adverse effects such as cancer when consumed in high amounts. 

Since Irish moss doesn't contain these minerals, you have nothing to worry about when ingesting the seaweed.

Are there missing health benefits?

Sea moss contains 92 of 102 minerals the human body needs, making it a superfood. The article lists the ten minerals not contained in sea moss. A closer look at these minerals shows that most of the minerals don't play a significant role in our bodies.

By consuming sea moss, your body gets much-needed nutritional value and does not miss much on the ten minerals.

List Of 92 Minerals Found In Sea Moss

minerals for sea moss

The human body requires 102 minerals for it to function effectively. Fortunately, sea moss contains 92 of the 102 minerals the body needs.

The list of the minerals includes:

  1. Actinium
  2. Copper
  3. Krypton
  4. Praseodymium
  5. Aluminium
  6. Curium
  7. Lanthanum
  8. Promethium
  9. Americium
  10. Dubnium
  11. Lead
  12. Protactinium
  13. Antimony
  14. Dysprosium
  15. Lithium
  16. Radium
  17. Argon
  18. Einsteinium
  19. Lutetium
  20. Radon
  21. Arsenic
  22. Erbium
  23. Magnesium
  24. Rhenium
  25. Astatine
  26. Europium
  27. Manganese
  28. Rhodium
  29. Barium
  30. Fermium
  31. Mercury
  32. Rubidium
  33. Berkelium
  34. Florine
  35. Molybdenum
  36. Ruthenium
  37. Beryllium
  38. Francium
  39. Neodymium
  40. Samarium
  41. Bismuth
  42. Gadolinium
  43. Neon
  44. Scandium
  45. Bohrium
  46. Gallium
  47. Neptunium
  48. Selenium
  49. Boron
  50. Germanium
  51. Nickel
  52. Silicon
  53. Bromine
  54. Gold
  55. Niobium
  56. Silver
  57. Cadmium
  58. Hafnium
  59. Nitrogen
  60. Sodium
  61. Caesium
  62. Hassium
  63. Osmium
  64. Strontium
  65. Calcium
  66. Helium
  67. Palladium
  68. Sulphur
  69. Californium
  70. Holmium
  71. Phosphorous
  72. Tantalum
  73. Carbon
  74. Hydrogen
  75. Platinum
  76. Technetium
  77. Cerium
  78. Indium
  79. Plutonium
  80. Tellurium
  81. Chlorine
  82. Iodine
  83. Polonium
  84. Terbium
  85. Chromium
  86. Iridium
  87. Potassium
  88. Thallium
  89. Cobalt
  90. Iron
  91. Zinc
  92. Thorium

Although more research needs to be done on how taking sea moss improves human health, some studies have shown that by ingesting sea moss, the body gets many benefits.

Some of the minerals include:


sea moss iron

Sea moss contains high amounts of iron, critical in producing red blood cells and transporting haemoglobin from our lungs to the rest of the body.

Iron also supports proper muscle function by transporting the muscles' proteins and enzymes. Therefore, taking sea moss prevents your body from being anemic and feeling constantly tired.


Sea moss contains one of the crucial trace minerals that our body requires, and zinc works in our bodies by boosting our immune system.

Zinc regulates more than 100 minerals that work in our bodies by giving us a robust immune response to illness.

When Children consume zinc, it helps them deal with issues such as diarrhea and bowel movements.

In addition, zinc is excellent at controlling neuron communication, thus keeping our memories in check. If you are having trouble remembering things, it is time to make sea moss a regular part of your diet.


Sea moss contains sufficient amounts of iodine. Iodine promotes a healthy thyroid function by stimulating thyroid glands and hormones, which helps prevent diseases such as goitre.

Iodine is also responsible for repairing tissues, regulating body metabolism and regulating the body's energy uses. If you are taking sea moss, you don't have to worry about suffering from thyroid dysfunction.


Sea moss is loaded with magnesium, one of the most abundant minerals required in our bodies. Magnesium controls thousands of enzyme functions in our bodies. It is responsible for critical functions such as blood pressure control, bone development, blood sugar control, and nerve function, among other crucial functions.


Sea moss contains sufficient amounts of phosphorus minerals. The mineral plays a significant role in our bones and teeth development. Also, it helps in determining how the carbs and fats in our bodies are utilized.


Sea moss contains manganese that helps regulate functions such as blooding clotting, sex function, and blood sugar retention.

Manganese is a good anti-oxidant that helps neutralize free radicals and plays a crucial role in aging.


Sea moss is a good supplement for sodium in the body. Sodium is a body electrolyte that helps control the flow of electric charge through the body. As an electrolyte, the mineral helps keep the body fluids in a state of balance.

The mineral also helps keep the body's blood volume in normal ranges. When the body has low or high blood volume, the mineral activates blood sensors that restore the blood to its desired volume.


When you eat sea moss, you take in considerable amounts of Selenium mineral. This mineral is a crucial part of some proteins and enzymes, and the mineral is in charge of making DNA in the human body and protects cells from infections and damage.

Selenium also helps in the functioning of our thyroid system as it contains enzymes that help in the synthesis of thyroid glands. The mineral also protects the thyroid glands from reactive oxygen species and keeps the basal metabolic rate in check.


Sea moss contains sulphur in abundance. Sulphur's work in the body is dictated by methionine and cysteine, the two amino acids it contains. These amino acids work in the body by helping form and fix the human body's DNA materials.

Sulphur also helps in the metabolism of foods contributing to your skin's, ligaments, and tendons' health.

If you are searching for a skincare routine that works for you, then it is time you try out sea moss.

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