How to Prepare Sea Moss

If you are considering adding sea moss to your diet, you are probably wondering how to go about it.

This article gives you an overview of how you can prepare sea moss.


How do you prepare moss to eat?

how to prepare sea moss

Seaweed is commonly consumed as seaweed gel at home because it is cheap and easy to make. There are many recipes that you can use to make seaweed gel.

Here is one recipe that is easy to follow when making seaweed gel

Step 1: Cleaning

Take your sea moss and clean it with cold water from a running tap. The cleaning process is critical as it helps eliminate debris, sediments, and small rock particles that could have been harvested and packaged with seaweed.

Step 2: Soaking

soaking sea moss

Take your clean seaweed and place it in a large bowl full of filtered water. Ensure that the water thoroughly soaks all parts of the spiny sea vegetable. Soak the marine vegetable for 24-48 hours. During the soaking process, the sea moss will absorb water and expand.

Step 3: Rinse

Drain the seaweed in the large bowl, then take out the soaked seaweed and rinse it with fresh cold water. If you wish to eliminate the fishy seaweed smell, you should add lime juice to the soaked seaweed.


Step 4: Blend

Place your rinsed or boiled seaweed in a blender and add filtered water to the blender. Blend the sea moss until you get a jelly-like substance that has a consistency that you prefer.

Step 5: Storage

Take the blended seaweed and keep it in an air-tight container. Always ensure that your sea moss is refrigerated.

Is It Better To Boil Or Soak Sea Moss?

boil sea moss

Whether you boil or soak the marine vegetable, both methods are designed to ease the process of making sea moss gel.

Soaking the seaweed is suitable for making the sea vegetable soft so blending the red algae is easy.

The seaweed should be boiled for 15 minutes max to make it easy to blend. There lacks a consensus on if it is advisable to boil seaweed or not. Some people have argued that boiling the seaweed will kill the nutrients it contains, while others have argued that it does not affect its nutritional value. Due to the discrepancy in information, it is best you explore both boiling and soaking the spiny sea vegetable and see which method works for you.

Should You Soak Sea Moss Overnight?

Soaking the seaweed overnight ensures that the sea moss has absorbed enough water, making blending easier to create sea moss gel. In addition, you can add lime juice to the water you are soaking the seaweed in, which helps eliminate the fishy seaweed smell.

If you want to make the seaweed gel, it is highly recommended that you use soaked sea moss.

Can you eat sea moss raw?

Eating the seaweed raw is good for you, and if you like oysters and clams, you will also find them delicious. The raw seaweed can also be used to make sea moss gel, and you can then incorporate the gel into foods and drinks as a thickening agent.


Sea moss is easily prepared as a gel to add to food and drinks at home. The decision to boil the seaweed or soak it when making the gel is up to you.


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